joi, 27 noiembrie 2014

Platforma de donati online internationala alaturi de gemeni

Platforma de donati online gofundme prin dragostea si bunavointa Cristina Maria Vasoc Szabo s-a creat un cont de donatii online si pentru cei din America si intreaga lume.In randurile de mai jos este prezentata povestea gemenilor preluata de pe platforma.

Names: Yanis and Rares Dangeanu Diagnosis: retinopathy of prematurity Campaign Blog: Ianis Rares Age: 1 year and 6 months Operative treatment: William Beaumont Hospital, Detroit, USA Time limit is 3 months. The babies must go through surgery by February, otherwise they risk permanent damage, without the possibility of ever recovering their vision. The first eye contact between a mother and her baby, the supreme miracle of life is; not for the premature born twins, Yanis and Rares, who underwent total burning of the retina due to medical negligence. After several checks, the final diagnosis is retinopathy of prematurity stages 4 and 5 and only a surgery performed at the William Beaumont Hospital in the United States could help regain the vision for the baby twins. It all started when Flavia Lionte, their mother, had to give birth to the twins prematurely, at 32 weeks. Their birth weight was 1370 grams and 1600 grams. The babies had to stay 43 days in the incubator. Meanwhile, because of the negligence of doctors who were supposed to care for the little ones, the warmth in the incubator was increased, without eye protection for the twins, causing them total burning of the retina. Although the assured Flavia that the babies are perfectly healthy, on the day of their release she observed that “their little eyes were simply white and they fled in all directions.” After a ER visit on the very same day, she found out that her fears were justified: the twins were diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity stages 4 and 5. Following a screening at “Domenico Di Cura” Clinic in Rome on the 18th of November 2014, the doctors found that Rares could vaguely see out of his right eye, but Yanis cannot see at all and has to undergo an emergency surgery within 3 months. The total amount for transportation, accommodation and surgery for both eyes is 35,000$. The surgery must occur no later than the month of February. “Our association has conducted four campaigns for children suffering from retinopathy and all were successful, and the little ones were able to regain some vision after surgery“, said Vlad Placinta, President of the ”Save a Heart” association. The humanitarian campaign organizer said that “the twins want to see their mother’s smile.” The next challenge is the toughest and most important: the surgery in the United States. For one eye, the surgical procedure costs 17,500$. The Association “Save a Heart” began an emergency, extensive fundraising campaign, aiming to help the twins regain their vision. For those wishing to help, you can make donations online, at

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